Montreal-based Objectif Lune is the leading provider of comprehensive software solutions for document lifecycle management from entry-level to enterprise-wide applications. In 2011, Objectif Lune acquires global operations of PrintSoft, a member of Australia Post. With a presence in 50 countries, Objectif Lune and PrintSoft cumulate a total of 50 years of expertise with over 25,000 implementations. Objectife Lune’s mission is to revolutionize management of document-driven business processes and improve efficiency in organizations of all sizes. Objectif Lune




Founded in Melbourne in 1989, PrintSoft pioneered PC-based high-speed data composition technology that revolutionized document production. Today PrintSoft has more than 5000 document production systems installed in 50 countries, supported by more than 150 staff around the world. PrintSoft software solutions and services enable customers to streamline Document Lifecycle by designing, tailoring, populating, printing and even mailing documents from their desktop. PrintSoft Group




Headquartered in Berlin, SAPERION AG is a developer of a high-performance software platform for Enterprise Content Management for archiving, document management and workflow management. It offers integrated software package for imaging, capturing, COLD, digital signature, DMS, archiving and workflow. SAPERION AG is a leader in key areas like web functionality, integrated workflow management, e-mail archiving and automatic keyword tools. SAPERION AG




Established in The Netherlands in 1988, Aia Software BV is the global developer and supplier of the ITP (Intelligent Text Processing) Document Platform, the leading solution for the production and distribution of business-critical document output based on application data. It is currently used by more than 1000 organizations in more than 30 countries worldwide. In addition to the key Financial Services sector, many organizations in the Public Sectors, Legal, IT & Communications, Manufacturing, Retail, Real Estate, Logistics and Business Services are Aia Software clients. This diversity of deployment is testament to the flexibility, capability, scalability and reliability of the ITP solutions. AIA Software




Established more than 2 decades ago, Compart AG is the leading provider of platform-independent output management solutions. Under the trademark DocBridge® a range of products offer outstanding flexibility and efficiency to prepare, process and deliver large amount of data and documents for different, even special output channels (printers, archiving systems, email, electronic postal letter, hybrid mail, websites, etc.). The program application includes solutions used for optimization, processing, conversion of documents, and modification of document format.Compart AG




ABBYY started making developments in the field of applied linguistics and document recognition based on artificial intelligence in 1989. It was the birth of their first and most famous software called ABBYY FineReader that performs optical character recognition. Another remarkable achievement of their research is the FlexyCapture product family designed for data capture and processing of dynamic documents of any format. In addition to general-purpose image capture functions this technology enables recognition of typescript in 186 languages and identification of handwriting in 113 languages. It can be interactively trained on image samples to provide further production-level processing and classification of document formats. Abbyy



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