SAPERION is a high-capacity and scalable software tool for recording, processing, distributing, moving and revision-proof archiving of documents and corresponding information. The system provides companies in any field and size with solutions to handle the essential challenges of information flow.

The system optimizes workflow by providing legal compliance through the transparency of information structure. SAPERION supports standard industry solutions and ensures that values of IT-infrastructure and knowledge base are preserved.

It fulfils the expectations of IT professionals looking for distributed systems, multi-level architecture and easy roll-out process working in a legally compliant way. The global project-approach of SAPERION also provides solutions for areas such as correspondence management no matter through which channels information arrive (letter, e-mail, fax, etc.). SAPERION has its proprietary components: Document Management System (DMS), Document input, COLD, Document Imaging, WorkFlow, Electronic Signature, Web Integration, Document Storage.

This software platform especially designed for companies interested in ECM (Enterprise Content Management) simplifies archiving, document management and workflow processes company-wide. Its scalable structure has been built to meet the demands of small-size and international companies as well.

SAPERION is a market leader offering solutions in the field of ECM for multinational companies using distributed systems. SAPERION helps more than 1850 companies worldwide to improve efficiency, customer satisfaction and therefore being competitive in the global marketplace.

Saperion modules

SAPERION’s integrated document and knowledge management system is the right solution to easily access and retrieve electronic information company-wide. With its multiple operations, SAPERION transforms this information into an electronic knowledge base that means measurable competitive advantages to companies.

All the system components are integrated in one software package which is open and upward compatible. It allows universal data management with a constant and secure data flow from document capture to archiving without any data loss. Data management of every different format is handled in one document (scanned sheets, pictures, COLD data, application data, videos, text files, etc.).

It offers integration options for any IT environment and has interfaces to each software component of document-based knowledge management (imaging, document management, OCR/ICR, fulltext, databases, workflow). It has interfaces to Groupware, ERP, CRM and other applications. All functions can be fully used from many webclients through the internet or company intranet.

SAPERION’s EventScript or Java-based programming support ensures quick and easy customization, opportunities for implementation of new functionalities and execution of event-driven and timed operations.

The Workflow module of SAPERION provides an efficient solution for Workflow and Business Process Management. Within the strategic framework of the company content management system critical factors can be minimized by process mapping and workflow automation.

Efficiency and quality issues resulting from long processing time can be diminished, high costs of document delivery and human expenses related to traditional document management (copy, storage, search, distribution) can be reduced.

Workflow can be optimized and made transparent which results in decreasing corresponding costs and improving quality level. Finally, enterprise resource planning can be fully realized.

SAPERION Inbound Suite automates the resource-intensive task of processing incoming documents, independent of the media used. It increases efficiency in handling incoming mail no matter if they are paper-based or arrive via fax, e-mail or internet.

Inbound Suite features Ascent Capture integration, full-text recognition and knowledge management tools. Automated classification, processing and transferring are just some of the core functionalities.

SAPERION is a modular workflow automation and document management system with standardized and certified integration into SAP and Microsoft applications. It responds to challenges of constantly growing amount of data, distributed system elements, the need for workflow automation and the establishment of individual workplaces. It can be integrated into existing IT environments easily, fast and with low costs.

SAPERION tracks changes in the archived data. The latest version is always available, and the required data displays within seconds. Revision-proof operation is guaranteed even during multiuser access to documents. Information is stored once, unnecessary duplicates are not made, no matter how many e-mails are sent out or what other ways information is used.

Digital archiving and electronic document management accelerate workflow processes, make several steps unnecessary and bring a remarkable improvement in information flow within the company. SAPERION supports applications like Microsoft Office, Navision, Explorer and SharePoint Server and users can have access to their documents through their Microsoft user interface as usual.