Return on Investment of CCM systems

Why it is worth renewing document management?

Forrester research company has measured the global market of document management by examining the largest vendors and found that money spent on document management systems can return within a year. In the following, we summarise the factors which make FlowLogic CCM platform of Innodox so advantageous from the point of view of ROI (Return On Investment) method.

Mobile Capturing for Financial Service Providers

For years or even decades, employees working off-site had been struggling with paper forms and scanners. Today they can use their smart phones, however, it is worth considering a professional solution in order to avoid the usual obstacles while shooting photos of documents.

Customer Experience with Increased Profits

In their efforts to orient and persuade company executives, today’s big solutions providers use a range of buzzwords that vary from industry to industry. A few years ago, it was the “power of the online community,” while more recently, cloud , Big Data, digital economy, fourth industrial revolution, sharing economy, and other similar expressions have become the mantras inevitably heard at professional conferences. At the same time, in most cases, little is said of the one thing that is truly important for a company: increasing revenues and market share.  After all, a novel hardware and software service with greater functionality worth nothing, if the mantras are powerless to tell us how it can be used to achieve a company’s real objectives. Thus, it is not surprising that business decision-makers frequently ask where the means to increased profitability lie with these wonders.  Of course, year to year, new technologies must be sold – we are all familiar with global companies offering modern products that have been developed to perfection: Apple, Nike, or even Starbucks, to give examples from several different industries – hence the need for “magic words.”

It handles everything - whether paper, fax, or e-mail, the new OCR software from ABBYY reads it all!

FlexiCapture for Invoices is the newly released, fully automated invoice processing tool by ABBYY, a company whose fame runs deep in professional circles.  The program is part of a fresh optical character recognition (OCR) solution whose most important innovation is its ability to handle all types of inputs simultaneously within the framework of a single system.  With FlexiCapture, the particular stream – post, e-mail, or fax – is irrelevant, as the program not only extracts the required figures and other information with ease, but also distinguishes the relevant from the irrelevant automatically.  The system also independently recognises and handles PDF e-mail attachments and documents generated via the Web (from XML), a seemingly small detail that in fact saves the user a considerable amount of time.  Because it handles even Web interfaces, the system not only permits remote access, but also offers a high degree of compatibility and can be used on - any platform where a Web browser is available.