Return on Investment of CCM systems

Why it is worth renewing document management?

Forrester research company has measured the global market of document management by examining the largest vendors and found that money spent on document management systems can return within a year. In the following, we summarise the factors which make FlowLogic CCM platform of Innodox so advantageous from the point of view of ROI (Return On Investment) method.

Bigger enterprises can spend even several million forints on printing invoices and other documents. Bearing such costs, it is particularly annoying when the number of complaints and mistakes remain high, causing competitive disadvantage and inflexibility to the organisation.

Fortunately, today’s companies − like Innodox − provide consolidated document management solutions which may return within a year due to the savings and the rise in efficiency.

According to the study mentioned before, as a result of document management related content generation, consolidating vendors and systems and the significant decrease of paper usage money spent on such systems can return already within the period of one(!) year. Thus it is not surprising that companies having large customer base do not patch their systems but they exchange them to complex solutions like FlowLogic CCM.

Which factors are suitable for measuring the return of the FlowLogic CCM system?

A study named The ROI Of Correspondence Management carried out by Forrester in 2009 highlights the factors which are necessary to be examined in order to determine the return of implementing a CCM system...

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