INNODOX Technologies Ltd is a professional software developer and integrator company focusing on the optimization of business processes. The key of our success is the solution-approach where efficiency is not measured by the number and performance of products, but our customer’s remarkable cost-savings and improvements of their business processes.

Development of business-critical applications demands extensive knowledge and usage of current technologies and tools, as well as systematic assessment and planning in the spirit of quality assurance.

Specialists of Innodox analyze and specify and perform consultancy services in order to offer the most suitable manufacturers and products. The wide portfolio of comprehensive solutions in various industry segments and user types helps to find the right way to optimise the customers’ business processes.

Innodox has been in software development for more than 10 years. The result-oriented and experienced team has a very close cooperation with our customers and never gets stuck in certain technologies. Our creative development activities are made within the framework of our customized and integrated workflow services. We think together with our customers, or even think instead of them to successfully meet new challenges.


Together with our partners, we give support to our customers to the introduction of output management, DMS, ECM and CCM solutions. Based on standard products, we deliver individual solutions which require outstanding technology and special knowledge. From concept to completion, we provide support to our customers from the very beginning of the implementation of the output management, ECM and CCM systems.

Part of our consultancy services, we assess demands of the future project, we prepare feasibility studies, technical specifications, deliver individual and standard solutions, work out service models customized to the individual requests and perform quality assurance controls.

Together with our partners, we offer electronic signature and other corresponding services.

Introduction of a new solution is often difficult and involves high risk. The implementation services of Innodox help our customers to have faster access to our services while risks and operational changes remain under control.

During project implementation, project values become visible and available in the financial, administrative and operational areas as well. Apart from project management, implementation includes conceptual planning, tasks of detailed technical and project planning in the integration, development, testing and start-up phase of the project.

Innodox practices the method Prince2 for project management. This method focuses on the optimal control of tasks and responsibilities to deliver the required project results. It ensures a defined organizational structure considering every single interest groups, provides complete control over the processes and the parameters describing these procedures. In addition, it provides flexibility for the intervention to be applied at the appropriate level and effective risk management system for the users.

Apart from Prince2, we use methods widely used in our sector for management techniques, motivation and team management. We apply generic planning techniques such as critical path analysis. Establishment and control of business quality management and quality assurance process, as well as budget control and techniques for analyzing added value are key areas.

Systems realized by Innodox are implemented according to current industry standards and well proven procedures. As a result, all components can easily and quickly be integrated into systems and architecture applied by the companies.

One of the most important features of the systems developed by Innodox is continuous data and information flow. Essential to this is the existence of a complete and bidirectional integration with the connected systems.

Amongst others, the following features ensure a real competitive edge: client/server architecture, module connection using plug-in technology, web service based communication. ORACLE, MS SQL database connection, Java/J2EE platform. JukeBox, NAS integration. AD/LDAP integration.

Innodox offers operations services to the implemented systems, putting emphasis on finding the optimal conditions - no matter if the system is being operated in-house or in the customer’s environment. We have developed several methods and we always find the best solution together with the customer.

We have training packages to support our customers in order to realize successful projects themselves and give them certification to be able to run the systems in their own IT environment. In this case, the company purchases the solution technology and runs the system in-house using its own resources, and provids the required support.

In cases where purchasing the solution is unnecessary due to the number of data or documents to be processed, Innodox offers its software rental package together with its operations services to run the system for the customer.

As an outsource partner, Innodox also has a combined service package where the customer purchases and operates only certain modules of the technology while other modules and functions are being rented as a service.

Innodox aims at establishing long-term and close co-operations with its partners. Today, there are new challenges every day and next to maintaining performance, companies need to make their business processes and operation more flexible and efficient. Growing competition in the market and new standards in document management require that our customers are given constant support in maintaining and developing back-up processes supporting their business activities.

Innodox’s technical support department offers customized solutions depending on the customer demand and the type of operation. For Premium customers with maintenance contract a dedicated contact person and stand-by support is provided. We offer hotline service to customers without maintenance agreement.

Special inquiries on top of the standard agreement are taken care of on the basis of additional quotation and order. As a special security service, top-priority system errors are being handled immediately before the order is placed in order to minimize damages.